Suggested text and image options for articles and newsletters

This article is to assist with the best presentation of material provided by our Sponsors and Supporters.

Website Articles
If you are to review any of the current articles on the website you will note we are able to present your content in a fairly professional manner however this relies on us receiving content as follows.
These posts we can present as we receive them please restrict to one or two per month. 

Newsletter Content
Newsletter content we would like to receive in the week prior to any new month to allow us to compile our Newsletter, allowing us to send them out in the first week of any new month.
This content can be presented in a small byline with linking to your own full content or we will link the content to any items posted on our website with backlinks to your own website 

PDF Documents 
PDF's can be inserted on our website however we are unable to take content from a PDF to use in our articles or newsletters.

Word Documents
We are happy to receive content in a word document but please provide any image content as separate items with indication as to where the image will be inserted in the article.
Extracting images from a word document is a process we would prefer not to undertake

Text Sizing
The following is suggestive only, we can resize to suit when inserting your content.

Paragraph/article titles - H2

Text sizing - 16px - 18px recommended again we can resize to suit if required

Text Font - Our site inherently uses the Muli Font however Sans or other fonts suitable to your content can be used

Image sizing
Note: Our website builder automatically optimizes your image to fit the site page or element however the ratio is important for best resolution.

Intro Image (The image seen in the multi-block display on our menu pages)
500px x 500px minimum size if possible - So long as your image is square the website will resize to fit the container
We have used up to 1200px x 1200px images successfully in these images

Page Images
Generally, images fit best on our site pages at a 3:2 aspect ratio.
In landscape format, these are best sized to 1200px by 900px and featured images in portrait format are best sized to 900px by 1200px or variations of that ratio.
If necessary we can use1:1 aspect ratio but these would be reserved for dual or other column layouts.

Image file format
JPEG, PNG, or GIF file formats work best with an image resolution preferred of no more than 500kb for fast page load.
We can resize your images but it involves time at our end that we would prefer to use more productively.

The image below is displayed in the Classic 3:2 format, the image used is 940px wide x 400px high
and has automatically resized to fit the image container 800px x 600px.

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