For information about the New Zealand Privacy Act and how it protects all personal information in New Zealand, Follow this link
Your privacy is very important to us. We want you to understand the terms and conditions regarding the collection and use of your personal data.
Withthat in mind, this privacy policy sets out what information we gather, how we make use of it, and how you may correct or change it.

Information collected by Play the Majors website:
1. Personal information provided by you when you interact with us, such as when you subscribe to our newsletters or register to take part in our contests

2. We will not collect information about any person whom we know to be under the age of consent that is outside parental guidance requirements

How we may use the personal information we collect:

1. for verification of your identity and assisting you in case you forget your password or login details

2. for authorising and processing credit card transactions which you enter into online group contests provided by others “Secure SSL Authentication is provided by Play the Majors and its credit card providers”

3. to assist in providing the products and services requested by you

4. to provide information to you about other websites, products and services, which we consider may be of interest to you, this will be via Play the Majors email newsletter communication only

5. for any other uses that you may authorise

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