2012 – Napier Golf Club – Hawkes Bay

Napier, the wine and art décor capital of New Zealand thriving port, and home to the Hawkes Bay Electrical Trades Golf Association.
What a surprise getting collected at the airport by a hummer limo to transport us to the hotel, HB showing the early form of the events to follow.

Another year gone by already and we are back into the battle of the provinces, catching up with old friends and making new ones, a culmination of provincial tournaments finds 80 “elite” athletes gathered together at the Bluewater Hotel ready to pit their golfing skills against new and old foes for provincial dominance and bragging rights.As always there is the usual rivalry between the Jaffas and the shaky isle boys, all friendly until “anna’s” name is mentioned then no holds barred.

“Big” Gavin “Daley Pants”

and his team from the Waikato/Bay of Plenty, competed gamely to win the Runners Up in the 36 Hole Teams Nett, also well represented by Lance Staiger’s Round One Best Par and Bevan Bettridge’s win in the ETCO Cup for 36 Hole Overall Par unfortunately everyone else “below par”
Lance although playing well on the first day managed a best forgotten double “100 plus in the gross and 100 plus nett” in the second round…..oops!

“Auckland” what can you say about Auckland a great bunch of blokes “as usual” however in serious danger of taking the lifetime “Kornikova” achievement award.
Get a new coach/manager/……………………!!
Six “newbies” and an injured captain probably didn’t help their cause, a shining light in James Hart’s Day One Gross win with even par 72 “James will surely win this event one day” and Neil Vermark’s Day Two Best Par, a special thanks to Leigh Blade for his support and social dedication.
Also performing well was “Osama Bin Warjan……”

Middle Districts

“Billy” and the boys from the Middle Districts played consistently enough to win the Runner’s Up in the Team Stableford, however failed to fire anywhere else other than the Saturday night entertainment where Billy was the babe magnet and Allan Lun proved very capable with a carrot between his legs…..!!!

Wellington handed in a political performance “promised a lot …………delivered little…………”
Definitely one of the high achievers in the social stakes, it was good to see one of the old boys “Terry McCarthy” back after a lengthy absence.
Perhaps a little financial investment required from Gareth and the boys “look what it has done for the Pheonix……..”

Bryce’s crew from Tasman are undoubtedly the “southern men “of this year’s tournament, arriving Saturday morning, pub crawling the greater Napier area for most of the day, holding up the bar until closing time “some from floor level” a stellar performance managed in Bryce’s absence by “Big Al” Dannafaerd. They performed exceptionally well for a team selected from all points north of the south in particular
Daniel Knapp Day One Stableford.
And a massive achievement in winning the Mastertrade/Corys Trophy for 36 Hole Teams Par.
“Can someone forward us a photo of Bryce so we know who he is when he returns….”!!

The big guns from the mainland Canterbury, as always a very well presented lot, individually only managed to have Tony Voice winning the Day One Single Nett, however as a team “despite their captains performances” took out the Team’s 36 Hole Gross Runners Up and dare I mention it the less notable achievement in handing Auckland a back to back demolition in the “Kornikova Trophy”
Many thanks to Mike for his continued efforts in the presentation of the results.
South Canterbury

South Canterbury as always at the forefront of the social eventing, there must be something in the water/alcohol down there,
Peter Clemens won the Day Two Gross – Gary Gabites “captain fantastic” won the ECANZ Cup for 36 Hole Individual Stableford, and the South Canterbury team taking out the Transnet Cup for 36 Hole Teams Stableford.
And Neil Rayner for most popular stirrer of the weekend award…….!!

Otago and captain Gary Donaldson winner of the Day Two individual Stableford could not muster much more of a run at the major trophies, last year’s individual gross winner Barry Oats the only other achiever as “best supporting actor” in the Saturday nights X Factor auditions.
Otago , what a year for the “mattress burners” back from the ashes with their rugby team only to be given one by that rugby juggernaut of the north “COUNTEEEEEEEEEES” !!!!

Southland and the Popham “popguns” with ex pro golfer Simon Owen, and ex Southland front row Fraser Purdue unable to find expected form, still managed to win the Teams Par 36 Hole Runners Up award.
When you check out the team photos Southland is the team in Otago colours or is that Otago is the team in Southland colours, or is that Canterbury in Southland colours or is that South Canterbury in Wellington colours ………………….!!! ……………….. “I’m so confused”

Hawkes Bay

And so to Hawkes Bay what can you say about the “home” team, along with organising a fantastic event they would go on to take out multiple honours over the entire prize table.
Walter McKay winner of the Day Two Nett Winner – Fred Chadwick winner of the BJC Trophy for 36 Hole Individual Nett – Russell Burns winner of the Sponsors Silver Salver 36 Hole Gross Open Champion, and Scotty and his team take out the Schneider/PDL Cup for 36 Hole Team Gross.

A superb effort from all of the team and their helpers, along with running a very successful event HB took out the top prize “for the first time in 46 years……….”!!!

Again thank you to Scotty and the tournament support network at the Napier Golf Club, exception “Murray don’t give up your day job…” lol!

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