Membership Privileges

Review products online or in-store at any Smith City store in your area, these are mostly located in the middle to lower North Island and throughout the South Island, however they will drop ship product to your location.
For purchases/enquiries:
Contact Aaron Huffam, Commercial Sales Specialist Auckland, Smiths City Commercial
In your contact note your involvement with the NZETGA and your pricing will reflect any discount that can be applied to your product choice.
With your membership, we will also inform Aaron and he will put you on his mailing list for product runouts as they happen from their main suppliers.
NOTE: You may also send Aaron and email and he will put you directly into his mail list for all future special offers.

Dulux/Guthrie Bowron - Stores located throughout New Zealand
For purchasing:
Account Number: 959249
We will notify you of any super specials in a newsletter that will go out to members when they become available.

As a member of the PB Tech Staff Purchasing Programme, you can now get a special commercial discount login to use in the PB online web store.
Save on thousands of products that already have PB’s famously low prices using our membership key (online orders only).
Follow 4 easy steps to obtain your login
For help with your orders, contact PB at (09)526 9200
How to use your account.

1. Go to then click ‘Create account’ or ‘Sign-in’.

2. If you are creating a new account, update your details then type PBNZETGA where it says, ‘Membership Key’ then click ‘Register’.

3. If you are signing in to your existing PB account, head to My Account > Settings > Personal Details

then type PBNZETGA where it says ‘Membership Key’ then click ‘Update Details’

4. Start saving Programme you can now get a special commercial discount login to use in the PB online webstore.
Save on thousands of products that already have PB’s famously low prices using our membership key (online orders only).
Commercial and business technology advice, online, over the phone, and through email
Security Tip: To ensure you reach verified PB staff contact us by telephone at (09) 571 8339 or via email -

At Supercheap Auto we are registered as NZ Electrical Trades Golf Association as an Auto Trade Account

When making purchases it is best to use our account NZ Electrical Trade Golf Association Inc. or for ease of use the Account Number TR07001038

I will make inquiries as to how you can be included in their trade mail list for now I will post the Trade Catalogue link to the website as it happens.

With over 50 stores nationwide Jaycar is a great go-to for electronic supplies and fun kits for the electrical enthusiast in your family.
We are looking at creating a permanent account with Jaycar once we have established the required IRD number.
Temporarily, please feel free to use the B.W. Cronin Electrical Account –
Use the Phone number 027 4928 599 as the best account reference; this will give you at least 10% off most items in the store.


 Visit any Ideal Electrical branch located throughout New Zealand
Use our Cash Sale Account number 487897, appropriate discounts will be applied to this account and any specials they may be running will be posted on the website in the members section.

In-Store Process
1. Visit your local JB Hi-Fi and select from the wide range of products in the store.
2. Ask for a manager in the store and provide them with the details of the item you are after.
3. Present your staff ID or other valid form of identification that shows you are part of our VIP program.
4. The manager will provide you a price in the store which will be valid for the day
5. Complete your purchase.
Email Process
1. Have a look online at to view products.
2. Collect the product details for the item you are after e.g. SKU, and model number.
3. Email from your company email domain with the details of what you are after. If you are unable to email from this domain – provide valid identification so we can confirm you are part of the VIP program.
4. Our team will come back within 24 hours with a voucher you can take into the store and complete your purchase – this voucher is valid for 7 days.
5. If your purchase is above $1000 – we can work with you to take payment via the phone and have the item delivered to you
– Note delivery will include an extra fee based on the item

Use the QR code below to save the full list to you phone

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