How to Play in Events

All golfers are welcome to play in the Electrical Trade Golf Events hosted throughout the country.
Catering to experienced golfers and those that enjoy the alternative that is played through Ambrose Golf.
To take part in most events, as these events are supported by electrical industry suppliers, you may be required to be working in the electrical industry or a supporting network.
Throughout the year upcoming events are published on our website and via the NZ Electrical Trades Golf Facebook Page
You are invited to contact any of the organisers for any of these events to enquire how you may attend as an individual or in a group of fellow trade golfers.
See our Upcoming Events Page or contact one of the area Committee Members for more details.
Sign up on our website mail list to receive all the news as it happens.
Now’s the time to get involved and enjoy the fun that is golfing in the electrical industry.

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