Welcome to our Golf Quizzes Zone, this page has been created to provide a fun way for you and your companies to interact with the golfing world, please contact the administrator to discuss how you may make use of our newly added gaming zone.

All Quizzes must be created by yourself and the content provided to The Five Majors administrator for approval and placement.
We will for a small fee create one for you that can contain content of your choosing.

How you may construct your own quiz can be found in the Thrive Quizzes Website , once you have decided how you would like your Quiz to appear, contact us to have the content inserted into our Quiz Zone.

NOTE: Once the Quiz is posted in our site you can link to it from anywhere, your own website, Facebook, Twitter or simply send the link to your friends.

All of the results from your quiz will be solely for your use only, The Five Majors will never share or distribute any content collected by our Quiz users.

Have some fun with your golfing staff, customers, or friends, by creating a unique fun game that can generate leads to your business or simply provide some fun interaction for your staff, members at your golf club, or golfing community.

Try our own community Quiz below to see how you rate as a golfing genius and go into our lucky draw for a dozen ProV1 Golf Balls, one Dozen Balls will be drawn for one lucky winner after every Major Golf Tournament this year.


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