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Supplier of a comprehensive range of electrical products to the electrical trades - Consult website for a local branch near you
Website: https://www.jarussell.co.nz/


Although we are the new team on the electrical supply scene, we are in fact a company made up of some of the industries most experienced and passionate people. Bringing with us some well recognised industry stalwarts, we set about ensuring our commitment and longevity by opening many branches across the country with more to follow.
Our company and our branches consist of people experienced with delivering the right product and service for industrial, commercial, and residential installations.
Website: http://goactive.nz/find-your-nearest-electrical-supplier/nelson/

Our company was founded in 1936 by a dedicated and experienced team of home grown industry professionals. Their vision was to set an industry benchmark for outstanding customer service in the New Zealand electrical wholesale sector.
Our mission that has evolved out of that is in supporting our customers around New Zealand by providing value to a broad range of sustainable and innovative products and services for automation, technical supply and energy management.
Website: http://www.ideal.co.nz/

“Have you ever thought about increasing your skill set, but wanted to avoid boring lectures and the cost of further education?"

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