Friday October 11th threatened to be another Friday similar to our previous two years, however the global warming gods favoured us this year by clearing the skies late morning and it turned out be a relatively fine day, a little overcast but conditions at the Pakuranga Golf Course were perfect, this showed in the scoring as I will detail later.

The day got underway with excellent support from our sponsors, National and Regional Sponsor NHP provided the pregame BBQ, Robert Lin and staff from NSG Lighting attended with a product display and the provision of drinks, chocolates and fruit for those still hungry after the BBQ.
National Sponsors Schneider Electric had arrived with their product display vehicle “a must visit for those of us interested in product innovation” we will be adding content to our website as to where you can get to see the van in action at a location near to you.
Frucor added to the provision of drinks ensuring that no one would go without liquid refreshment.

We had a field of around eighty players, made up in part by five Ambrose teams sponsored by NHP and Active Electrical, this is proving to be a highlight for many of the attendees as it gives them an opportunity to join in with staff and work associates in a “more relaxed” way of playing and enjoying the game.
A big thanks to all of our local sponsors Active Electrical Suppliers Ltd, AM New Technologies, Chemz, Corys Electrical, Computer Dynamix, Felo-Hobeca, First Flex, Frucor, Hamer, Halcyon, J.A. Russell Ltd, Makita, Marley, Maser, NHP, NSG, Rockwell Automation, Scott Electrical ET, and Simx.
Also to our National sponsors, Schneider Electric, Master Electricians, NHP, J.A. Russell Ltd, Radcliffe Electrical , Halcyon Lighting, Clevertronics, First Flex, Ideal Rexel Group and Simx.

The fine weather proved to bring out the best in many of our top golfers with Shiva Warjan taking the top honour as 2019 Trade Champion with a quality 73 Gross, closely followed by Ron Daley Jnr our 2018 Champion on 74 with the “elder Warjan” Indra 3rd, 74 Gross on countback from RDJ.
Last year’s Stableford winner Mark Ross was this year’s Nett Winner with 62 nett, Indra Warjan with 43 points collected the Stableford Trophy.
Top non golfer was Nathan Crichton from Intellihub on 97 Gross.
Our newly established NHP Trophy for best Ambrose Team of the day would go to the Active Electrical team “Short Circuit” comprised of Active Electricals Kevin Thomas, and support cast Phil Rollinson, Kevin Benjamin and Brian Cronin on 56.9 Nett.
Second on 59.5 was the NHP #1 Team headed by Lafs Faraimo, with Colin Tilley’s Simx Team in third place on 65.8, nany thanks to NHP for their genuine interest in our trade’s golf and the provision of this new trophy.
Sean Brady collected the "human calculator award" for successfully counting all of his 243 strokes!! and nearest the pins were taken out by Ken Tyree and Ron Daley Jr, Ron also took out the longest drive.

Many thanks to Sam and all the pro shop staff for helping with the day and producing the days results, the catering staff for the meal after the golf, the bar staff for their service, and to all those that helped Brian and myself with the after match festivities.

Good fortune and good golfing for the rest of the year

Brian Cronin & Brian Hemingway
Tournament Co. Convenors
The provisional team for Invercargill Nationals as follows:
Brian Cronin (Manager), Brian Hemingway (Co-Convenor), Shiva Warjan, Indra Warjan, Ken Tyree, Michael Leggoe, Mark Ross, Graham Berge.
Full results below

Ross, Mark62Net MedalWarjan, Shiva73GrossRoss, Mark45Stableford
Warjan, Indra64Net MedalDaley Jnr, Ron74GrossWarjan, Indra43Stableford
Berge, Graeme66Net MedalWarjan, Indra74GrossBerge, Graeme41Stableford
Berge, Jeffery67Net MedalTyree, Ken77GrossBerge, Jeffery40Stableford
Wharfe, John68Net MedalBerge, Graeme80GrossWharfe, John39Stableford
Wood, Stephen69Net MedalLeggoe, Michael80GrossBerry, Don38Stableford
Holloway, Peter69Net MedalRoss, Mark80GrossWood, Stephen38Stableford
Chen, Kevin69Net MedalJohnston, Neil81GrossHolloway, Peter38Stableford
Tyree, Ken70Net MedalChen, Kevin81GrossChen, Kevin38Stableford
Prendergast, Fletcher70Net MedalRand, Dean82GrossTyree, Ken37Stableford
Coxon, Gary70Net MedalBerge, Jeffery82GrossPrendergast, Fletcher37Stableford
Vaeteru, Ian71Net MedalArthur, Bryan82GrossCoxon, Gary37Stableford
Hemingway, Brian71Net MedalLin, Robert83GrossVaeteru, Ian36Stableford
Constant, Russell71Net MedalWood, Stephen84GrossHemingway, Brian36Stableford
Warjan, Shiva72Net MedalHolloway, Peter84GrossConstant, Russell36Stableford
Jones, Jonathan72Net MedalCoxon, Gary84GrossWarjan, Shiva35Stableford
McGarvey, Kevin72Net MedalWharfe, John84GrossJones, Jonathan35Stableford
Daley Jnr, Ron73Net MedalPrendergast, Fletcher85GrossMcGarvey, Kevin35Stableford
Rand, Dean73Net MedalHemingway, Brian85GrossBrewer, Jack David35Stableford
Brewer, Jack David73Net MedalHarper, Glenn86GrossDaley Jnr, Ron34Stableford
Lin, Robert74Net MedalLaycock, Kevin86GrossRand, Dean34Stableford
Tuarae, George74Net MedalVaeteru, Ian87GrossRainsford, Basil*34Stableford
Johnston, Neil74Net MedalTuarae, George88GrossTuarae, George33Stableford
Ritchie, Alan74Net MedalConstant, Russell88GrossLin, Robert33Stableford
Beavis, Jarryd74Net MedalMcGarvey, Kevin89GrossJohnston, Neil33Stableford
Rainsford, Basil*74Net MedalBowick, Kevin91GrossRitchie, Alan33Stableford
Mataio, Rima75Net MedalJones, Jonathan91GrossBeavis, Jarryd33Stableford
Nelio, Tuikura75Net MedalJackson, Peter91GrossMataio, Rima32Stableford
Dell, Milan75Net MedalRitchie, Alan91GrossNelio, Tuikura32Stableford
Arthur, Bryan75Net MedalDell, Milan91GrossArthur, Bryan32Stableford
Harper, Doug76Net MedalCrichton, Ian91GrossJackson, Peter32Stableford
Bowick, Kevin77Net MedalMataio, Rima92GrossDell, Milan32Stableford
Jackson, Peter77Net MedalBeavis, Jarryd92GrossHarper, Doug31Stableford
Waters, Lance77Net MedalNelio, Tuikura93GrossBowick, Kevin31Stableford
Leggoe, Michael78Net MedalBrewer, Jack David95GrossWaters, Lance30Stableford
Harper, Glenn78Net MedalWaters, Lance96GrossLaycock, Kevin30Stableford
Crichton, Ian78Net MedalRainsford, Basil*98GrossLeggoe, Michael29Stableford
Laycock, Kevin78Net MedalHarper, Doug101GrossHarper, Glenn29Stableford
Howard, Michael82Net MedalHoward, Michael104GrossCrichton, Ian29Stableford
MacKenzie, Brian85Net MedalNewlands, Mark107GrossHoward, Michael28Stableford
Newlands, Mark89Net MedalMacKenzie, Brian108GrossMacKenzie, Brian23Stableford
Berry, DonNet MedalBerry, DonGrossNewlands, Mark21Stableford

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